The World's Biggest Waterslide and you

Have you every hurled yourself down 600 meters of inflatable watery goodness? With a jump in the middle? And an overall drop of 100 meters? 

Unless you attended this year's Live More Awesome annual fundraising event out at Jonkers Farm, I doubt it.

Guts bro.

The World's Biggest Waterslide (we're in year three of many) was the brain child of Jimi Hunt and Dan Drupsteen. You might have heard of some of their exploits, like the time Jimi took on the Waikato River armed only with a lilo and Dan created a dating agency for lovely people who do lovely things. They're pretty good sorts.

Anyway, Jimi and Dan created the World's Biggest Waterslide to be Live More Awesome's main fundraising event of the year, which helps raise money for mental health initiatives and gets people talking about the hard stuff to make it all not so hard to talk about.

I met Jimi at a shoot last year and the rest is history. A zen garden, roof top hangs and some coffee later and I had the ridiculously fun task of gathering up the images from onsite photographers, taking my own, posting it all to the various social platforms and cooing at the branding of the various food trucks on site. 

the marilyn ice cream new zealand

Here's me, forcing Jimi to withhold eating the delicious wares of The Marilyn ice cream truck to hold said delicious wares just so against the pretty blue of The Marilyn.

The setting was pretty incredible - you've probably seen Jonkers Farm as the backdrop of various movies without really knowing it. Them location scouts know whats up because it's one damn fine view. 

See - more food trucks...

Jonkers Farm Musics

There was music, laughs, competitions and the world land speed record broken by a certain gentleman with a watery need for speed.

lamb new zealand food photography

And on the Friday night (sunset sliding, anyone?) Jimi's wife Libby, another incredibly good sort) drummed up the most mouth watering lamb/salad/sandwich feast. She doesn't even eat meat. 

The jump went off - I didn't get too much time down there, but after approximately 400 meters of slidin' some pretty epic amounts of speed had been built up which led to even more epic amounts of air time (sorry mum for how awful that sentence was, it's 6am).

untitled (15 of 39).jpg

So that's it. Another year down. If you're in Auckland next year, give us a bell - we'll be the ones with the giant waterslide. But serious, give Live More Awesome a geez. It's a pretty fantastic charity that's doing some great things.

puppies live more awesome

And of course I found some puppies on the farm. Because what else would I do.

Until next time,


Sarah Starkey