A Sunday roadie to quieten a hyperactive mind

For better of for worse, my mind spends most of its time going a mile a minute. It's not always fun, and it's certainly always tiring.  

This morning I woke up with that familiar whirring sound that suggested today was going to be one of those days. And on that note, I jumped in the car and headed South.

I've found recently that the best way to deal with it is by heading out with my camera, cranking some music and finding new places to explore. A form of active meditation, I guess. When I'm looking for a shot, or working out what settings are going to suit what I've got framed up, my brain calms down and let's me focus on one thing. 


I don't like to use maps or GPS, and my memory for names is terrible, so I can't tell you where I ended up. I have an affinity to turning down roads that look like they might lead somewhere fun, so finding my way back can sometimes be a little difficult too!

This morning's trip took me towards the coast, and then back inland towards some ranges. I ended up a little lost on a logging road, but managed to find my way back. At some point I stopped for snacks (because obvs.) and came across some bars of chocolate from The Wellington Chocolate Factory who's packaging was illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Milarky. So lucky, SO TASTY. 

The bar quickly melted into soup, thanks to spring finally deciding to turn up, but I'm not complaining.  


A little later I turned off, yet again, onto a road that wasn't exactly sealed, but seemed like a great idea.  

It curved it back to the coast, but this time through a regional park. Harlow was hankering to stretch her legs, so a walk was a necessity at this point. The short walk I had in mind ended up being around 2 hours of wandering through muddy fields. The view was worth it though, and I even found an old pā. It's cool to think that hundreds of years ago somebody was probably checking out the same view. 


Knackered, muddy, but pleased (H was especially pleased as she got to smell 100 different types of poo) we headed in the direction that I assumed was homeward bound. It took a while, but we finally made our way back to base, although I did stop off to take this on the way:


Now it's time to plan the next roadie, which is going to involve 4 days and most of the North Island. I'll leave in a few days time - right now I have a chocolate bar to finish...

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