Out on the water

I used to love being on or near the ocean, but thanks to university and the general inclination that 'all excercise must be whilst mildly intoxicated' of your early 20's meant I hadn't done it in a while.

That's why when the opportunity came up to head out on a wee Stabicraft early one autumn morning, I jumped at the chance, and into a boat.


I've only been on a ferry to Waiheke a couple of times and had never floated freely around Rangitoto like it ain't no thing. I'd highly recommend it. 


Fish were even caught! There's something incredible about catching your own food. Nothing goes to waste, you know exactly where and when it was caught and it tastes all the better for it. We've lost a connection to food through breathing down the barrels of Twinkies and Mars Bars on a far too regular basis, so it was nice to be brought back. Get old school, yo.


There's a few other snaps that I'll be putting up a bit later. Right now I'm 10 minutes late for getting up and at'em so I better scoot.

Short week!!!! 


Sarah Starkey