Oh Hey 2016

It's the 5th already and finally time to hang up my jandals, shake the sand out of my camera bag (I promise the camera hasn't been in it) and turn my phone back on.


I'd fallen off the face of the earth for a few weeks and It. Was. Fun. Not sorry.

The above snap was at my lovely gal pal's place up in Ruakaka on New Years Eve. I don't remember a whole lot past midnight, but I do remember how crazy beautiful it is up there - even after the weather closed in. 

I can't wait for similar adventures and I reckon 2016 is set to be a ripper. More mountains to climb, more things to look at and more pictures to take, all while invading your social media feeds. 

There's a few pretty cool shoots on my horizon too, so the social media invasions will be worth while, I promise.

Happy New Year!


Sarah Starkey