Meet the Push Pup

It's unbelievable to think that this gorgeous, adorable, squishy face will steal your belongings as soon as you turn your back and nibble them. Not chew. NOPE. Nibble. It's a weird thing to watch.

Her name's Harlow and (for now, at least) she takes the official title of Push Pup. She's a foster, which means she's hanging with me until someone decides to adopt her.

Harlow's had a pretty harsh upbringing and although she's already 1, she's still finding out that people aren't all bad. Which is fair enough. So I'm showing her what's what, what's not (toilet training was yuck, and she definitely doesn't like baths (see below)) and that she's always got a warm place to snooze and snacks at the ready.

For now my partner in crime will snooze beside me until she finds someone else to snooze by.

She's a shoddy camera assistant, but she sure knows how to keep a girl's feet warm.

Sarah Starkey