Food, Glorious Food

Food photography is a hard game. Photography is a hard game, but trying to make something that has been poked, prodded and repositioned within an inch of its life look fresh and delicious is a serious skill. 

I've never had any real training when it comes to photography. I play around with stuff and read an endless amount of blogs but sometimes is so nice to have some direction. That's why I went along to the food photography session that Canon New Zealand organised at Taste of Auckland this year. 

Lottie Hedley was the photographer in charge and other than being the loveliest person alive, girl has some major photography game. Lottie's talents aren't just restricted to food photography either - check out her site for more. I can't get enough of the way she captures people. It's not just a moment in time - Lottie makes the effort to have chat and get to her subjects (read 'Barber Shop Babies') which might just be the secret sauce in getting a shot that captures the personality of someone too. #ladyphotographergoals.

While I'm still working on the photography side of things Little Bird Organics provided some gorgeous treats to make it a little easier! It's hard not to make something so pretty look good. 

I go through stages of eating healthy. I like the idea of good food, made with care, but sometimes I just need things I know are awful for me. Like gluten. I know I shouldn't eat it, the blood tests and nausea have told me so, but that doesn't make occasionally diving headfirst into a giant bowl of pasta a terrible idea. I just better be damn tasty and worth it. 

Little Bird is the place I go when I want something that feels like a treat but is secretly good for me. I imagine this is how my mother got me to eat any type of vegetation before the age of 15. Sneaky, but effective.

I'm not quite mentally prepared for the end of the year, but if it means summer, and more smoothie bowls like this, then I'll take it. 

With a side of cake, of course.


Sarah Starkey