Explore More, PLZ

It's strange to explore as an adult. As a kid you don't give a second thought to jumping over a creek or climbing a wall. You were always far to excited to see the unseen to worry about how it would look or how muddy and ripped your clothes would get.

I was thinking all this while stumbling through some rock pools on the northern side of Waiheke a few weekends ago with my siblings. We'd done this before, a lot, but not for such a long time. 

Waiheke explore - Tegan

Too long. Once I'd gotten over the initial self consciousness (and serious, but expected, lack of coordination) it was rad.

Daniel - Waiheke explore

You never realise how boring you've gotten until you scare yourself silly hanging off a tree halfway up a rock face. I'm SO LAME NOW.  Which brings me to my point (I actually have one!) - we don't explore anymore, and we should, because there's heaps to explore and it's awesome.

I like scaring myself in the name exploration, apparently. I get slightly too ballsy and won't be surprised if one of these days I end up falling off said tree halfway up a rock face. But as long as I get the shot, or view or whatever else I'm after, I don't mind. 

Until I break my leg.

Exploring waiheke thyme

I attempted a much safer form of exploration too - a few forgotten sprigs of rosemary sent me out on a foraging expedition. My search for rosemary failed miserably, but I did find some wild thyme. And by wild, I mean I ended up sneaking down someone's driveway and grabbing a cheeky handful I spied behind a rock.

The moral of the story; explore more, and be careful about how much thyme you nick, because someone will notice if it's too much.