I can't feel my face...

I'm kidding, I can and it feels very fancy thanks to Ashleigh Scott and her wonderful team.

A visit to a facialist was just what I needed on a Friday, although now I'm dreaming about it on a Monday which makes Mondays more Mondayish...

Ashleigh Scott Facialist interior

Housed down at Auckland’s City Works Depot, Ashleigh Scott is a nice, quiet breather from the busy city outside. I'm a huge fan of the decor! I’m love industrial and this was mixed with soft and delicate textures to make it perfectly homey and tranquil.

An hour wasn’t long enough, and my facialist Milly was so lovely, not to mention seriously clued up and talented. All the facials are bespoke, so Milly and I had a chat about what was up with my skin (it’s definitely up to fucks lately) and she went to work.

I came out feeling almost too relaxed (upright was H.A.R.D) and will definitely make it back there for round two as soon as possible. My face will thank me. And so too will my future man friend. Or large amount of cats. Whatever I end up with.

Ashleigh Scott Facialist tea

They also give you post facial tea and snack. I LOVE SNACKS IT'S LIKE THEY KNOW ME.

The girls let me snap a few pics while I was there too...